This blog began, some five years ago now, as somewhat of an online journal. A notebook, of sorts, on which I recorded my wildlife sightings, posted photos and, occasionally, reflected upon observations made during my frequent forays outdoors. At present, it stills serves this purpose, acting as an outlet for trip reports and a place where I can express, in words, the joy I obtain from a life of wildlife watching. It has, however, taken on a more alien purpose in recent years…

As well as a very public notebook, this blog also acts as an outlet for my personal thoughts, musings and reflections regarding more serious issues. Issues rooted, usually, in the worlds of conservation and ecology, but occasionally elsewhere. Here you will find a hotch potch of factual pieces – which I try my best to keep factual, despite being very much in the process of learning myself – opinion pieces, and often, posts which amalgamate the two. This is, however, an entirely personal blog, and the thoughts it contains are invariably my own. Such thoughts in no way, shape or form represent those of any group, organisation or educational body with whom I am acquainted.

I fully understand that not everyone will agree with what I say here – life would be very dull if you did – but pride myself on accepting the opinions of others, and while I may occasionally critique things that interest me, I will endeavour to keep such things professional at all times. And ask others, when commenting, to do the same. I welcome constructive criticism or reasoned debate, but will not engage in counter-productive arguments or worse still, personal attacks.

As well as deriving great joy through recounting my personal experiences and sharing my own thoughts, I hope that at least one other person may benefit from this blog. Whether by learning something new or discovering a place with which they were previously unfamiliar. Though more on the logic behind my persistent nature blogging can be found here, and as such, I will curtail my waffling here.