Let’s talk trees: Mougeot’s Whitebeam (Sorbus mougeotii)

Mougeot’s Whitebeam, Irish Brickfield Park2021 Mougeot’s Whitebeam, Newburn2021 It might seem odd to start a new series with a tree few have heard of (I certainly hadn’t until a few weeks past) but recently, I’ve been bumping into this unassuming Sorbus quite a bit in my local area. Looking similar to the Swedish Whitebeam (SorbusContinue reading “Let’s talk trees: Mougeot’s Whitebeam (Sorbus mougeotii)”

A journey through the unusual trees (and shrubs) of Newcastle

I’m rubbish at tree identification, and shrubs too for that matter. There, I said it. While I can separate the more familiar British species, your oaks, birches and common maples, anything beyond that has traditionally gone straight over my head. Not so useful in the city where planting and landscaping, both historic and recent, meanContinue reading “A journey through the unusual trees (and shrubs) of Newcastle”

Nature has no cue: Our ‘lost’ winters are throwing nature into a state of confusion

As butterflies and newts are spotted in December, earlier than nature intended, scientists warn that species are losing their seasonal cues as winters warm and seasons morph. The latest data from Nature’s Calendar, the UK’s largest study of the seasons, shows that active butterflies and newts and nesting blackbirds have already been spotted, months earlier thanContinue reading “Nature has no cue: Our ‘lost’ winters are throwing nature into a state of confusion”

In the Company of Trees, by Frances Jones

Yesterday I joined a walk on Wimbledon Common led by Peter Fiennes, author of an absorbing and beautiful book on trees. Oak, Ash and Thorn sets out the case for Britain’s woodland and I liked the idea of discussing this subject within the woodland itself. We gathered, rather aptly, under an oak, its crown providingContinue reading “In the Company of Trees, by Frances Jones”

The Maple, the Beech and the Lime, by Frances Jones

Last week I bought a book. A slim book, with a green and white cover. It was called ‘The Tree’ and was written by John Fowles. I didn’t know anything about it, except that I liked the title and the soft colours on the cover, thereby ignoring the oft-quoted advice on how not to judgeContinue reading “The Maple, the Beech and the Lime, by Frances Jones”

Top 10 Facts: Yew

One of the oldest wooden artefacts ever discovered by modern humans was made from Yew – a spearhead found in Essex dated at approximately 450,000 years of age. This particular spearhead was unearthed in 1911 at Clacton-on-sea and represents not only the oldest wooden find from the UK but one of the most significant worldwide.

TREEPTYCH: a Guide to Truly Perceive Trees – Willemijn Heideman

Trees: where I live in northwestern Europe, we all encounter at least a few of them each day. We walk past them or we walk underneath them without giving them too much notion. Trees are just there, dependable in their spot every day, relegated to the background by our lack of recognition or interaction. WeContinue reading “TREEPTYCH: a Guide to Truly Perceive Trees – Willemijn Heideman”