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Top 10 Facts: Yew

One of the oldest wooden artefacts ever discovered by modern humans was made from Yew – a spearhead found in Essex dated at approximately 450,000 years of age. This particular spearhead was unearthed in 1911 at Clacton-on-sea and represents not only the oldest wooden find from the UK but one of the most significant worldwide.

The New Northern Forest | I am not entirely convinced

The government has pledged £5.7m to kickstart the planting of a great Northern Forest that will span the country from Liverpool to Hull. With the M62 as its spine, it will cover approximately 120 miles of land, involve the planting of over 50m trees and take some 25 years to complete; costing an estimated £500m over

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TREEPTYCH: a Guide to Truly Perceive Trees – Willemijn Heideman

Trees: where I live in northwestern Europe, we all encounter at least a few of them each day. We walk past them or we walk underneath them without giving them too much notion. Trees are just there, dependable in their spot every day, relegated to the background by our lack of recognition or interaction. We

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