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Nature Notes #1

The descending song of a willow warbler, the years first, catches my ears as I take my first steps into the wood – a sound which, to me, evokes everything profoundly beautiful about the British springtime. Calling to mind longer days and warmer nights; the electric blooms of bluebell and the yellow radiance of celandine; and

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The Joys of Migration

After weeks of measured gains and stop-start bouts of action, it finally feels like migration has reached its peak here in Northumberland. With this week alone bringing many and more enjoyable encounters with the vast majority of our more abundant Summer visitors – sometimes in volume, sometimes alone – as breeding sites dotted around the

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Do Wildlife TV Shows Benefit Conservation?

Back in October, Springwatch presenter Martin Hughes Games went on record saying that he thought wildlife related TV shows, including those in which he stars do not in fact help the conservation of threatened species. Speaking to the Guardian, Games stated that “we have created a form of entertainment rather than a force for conservation,

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