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Freethinkers, echo chambers and the cult of personality in conservation

Just as it is in politics, the cult of personality is alive and well in the environmental field. Just as the charisma, views, values and outlooks of notable politicians – Trump, Corbyn, Merkel – shapes our political ideologies, so do the same features mould and sculpt our views on environmental issues. Influencing everything from our

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A tentative step in the right direction | Some thoughts on the 25-year Environment Plan

This past week, and to an equal mix of fanfare and apprehension, the government released its long-awaited 25-year plan to improve the environment. A full outline of which can be found here, for those interested. I would advise all to have a read. The plan, launched in style by the PM herself, sets out a long-term

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UK Blog Awards 2018: I Need Your Help!

Common By Nature, the blog you are reading right now, will be six years old come January. Sure, it has changed somewhat over the years – content, design and format shifting in line with my own experience and interests – but its core theme remains the same. It remains a place for me to share my interest

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