Are Badgers over-protected?

A few days back I touched upon the potential impact of Badgers upon Britain’s declining Hedgehog population and resigned myself to the fact that they probably are somewhat detrimental. Not an easy thing to admit if, like me, you adore the stripey mustelids. For some further reading, I thought I would share this fantastic post by Peter Cooper looking  at Badgers in a little more depth and asking, ultimately, if Badgers are in fact over protected?

Pete Cooper Wildlife

IMG_5615“We asked some the other farms round here what to do about these badgers.” The estate keeper told me as I secured the camera trap to a post, in a thick ‘Hampshire-hog’ accent. “But they just tell us to gas the setts, or shoot ‘em as they come out into the fields and dump the bodies on the road.” He paused to take a puff on his cigarette, smoke melding indistinctly with his condensed breath on this crisp January morning. “But we don’t want to work like that. I mean it’s illegal and all, but the badgers have got just as much right to be here as we have. Just gotta work round ‘em .”

That was just over three years ago, when I had been called out to assist in a badger problem at a local fishing estate back home. Each night, the animals had been visiting the picturesque…

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Declining Hedgehogs: Are Badgers to Blame?

Two of Britain's most adored mammals, the Badger (Meles meles) and Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) are never far from the headlines in recent times, though for starkly contrasting reasons. Badgers it seems are public enemy number one, at least to some. Indeed, following a dramatic population increase, Badgers are now subject to a controversial cull in an effort … Continue reading Declining Hedgehogs: Are Badgers to Blame?