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Reflecting on six-months of Michael Gove

Like a great many people, I suspect, the June appointment of Machiavellian, boris-slaying, hardline Brexiteer Michael Gove as Secretary of State for the Environment left me feeling more than just a little pessimistic. Saddened even; following a succession of unsavoury individuals ranging from the plain old bad (Truss), to the stupid (Leadsom), and the downright villainous (Patterson), it seemed

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Capering in the Cairngorms (& Black Isle)

I’ve been back from Scotland a mere few hours and already I find myself compelled to waffle about what was, in truth, a truly exquisite few days. The highlands have always captivated me; the rugged terrain, vast native forests, whisky, haggis and, of course, superb wildlife. This week found me presented with the perfect chance

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Declining Hedgehogs: Are Badgers to Blame?

Two of Britain’s most adored mammals, the Badger (Meles meles) and Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) are never far from the headlines in recent times, though for starkly contrasting reasons. Badgers it seems are public enemy number one, at least to some. Indeed, following a dramatic population increase, Badgers are now subject to a controversial cull in an effort

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