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As a well-established ‘wild blogger’ with a background in environmental science and conservation, I pride myself on being able to offer a number of services in niche-specific promotions, brand awareness, advertising and writing. As an online content creator, I value professionalism and efficiency of service; never publishing work that I am unhappy putting my name to. I offer unlimited revisions to completed content in order to ensure client satisfaction.

To date, my efforts as a blogger have earned me finalist positions at the UK Blog Awards 2018, the Northern Blogger Awards 2017 and the Living North Awards 2016, as well as multiple commendations by BBC Wildlife Magazine. A full list of my previous work can be found on the ‘publications‘ page of this blog, including links to my popular Wildlife Articles column, and work for Northumberland Wildlife Trust. At present, I am also the Managing Director of New Nature – the youth nature magazine.

Areas of interest only

In order to ensure a high standard of work, I only produce content/feature work on a number of topics I am genuinely passionate about. I do this primarily to ensure that I enjoy researching for and writing commissioned work – an important aspect when it comes to ensuring the quality of work produced. I really do not believe it is possible to give your all to a cause absent an underlying interest in it. I have listed these topics below for your consideration:

  • Wildlife conservation
  • Ecology
  • Species identification
  • Natural history
  • Wildlife gardening
  • Foraging/Wild Food
  • Folklore and wildlife facts
  • Birdwatching
  • Travel
  • Conservation/wildlife campaigns
  • Youth engagement
  • Outdoor activities


Nature is very niche, and seldom can eco-bloggers aspire to the same levels of success as our mainstream peers: the breeding habits of Willow Tits will never interest the wider population half as much as script leaks from Game of Thrones, and news of the latest developments in climate research will often find themselves trumped by celebrity news, beauty tips and online cookbooks. That’s okay, we’ll cope.

Given the niche content covered, I am proud to state that during its two years of activity, this blog has been read by ~50,000 individuals and acquired ~ 78,000 individual views. My column on Wildlife Articles has now earned an additional ~111,000 views; while New Nature magazine was downloaded by ~10,000 people in its inaugural year. All of this has resulted in my work ranking highly on search engines such as Google using search terms such as “nature blog”.

The work I produce in coordination with clients is always shared to social media, including my ~9700 strong Twitter profile, my ~850 Facebook page and my ~1100 LinkedIn profile. As well as to other platforms such as StumbleUpon and Instagram.


Freelance writing – I am happy to consider writing for specific causes or brands, on this site, additional blogging platforms, or in print. Please contact me for further details and to discuss your proposals.

Brand ambassador – for a small, regular fee I can represent your brand as an ambassador – providing I feel said brand fits with my interests and ethos. I am open to discussing the specifics of any such relationship though it is envisaged that, for my part, this would include regular social media and blog promotion, permanent widgets linking to your product/company page, pinned social media posts, relevant mentions on additional blogging platforms, shares/retweets and targeted writing, where applicable.

Social media promotion – I can promote your product, service or campaign on various social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Instagram. Together, the combined reach of my social platforms falls in the region of 12,000 followers and I am happy to utilise them to support certain causes.

Advertising – I can advertise your projects on Common By Nature in two ways, either in the form of a blog post or by providing space for an advert as a Widget on my site. All ad-based blog posts on Common By Nature will be promoted extensively on social media.

Reviews –  I would be delighted to publish reviews of your products or services, both here and on social media. Examples of items previously reviewed include binoculars, camera trapping equipment and bird food. Where products/services are provided for review, I do not charge a fee for written reviews.

Sponsored Posts – If you would like me to raise awareness of your product, service or campaign, I am happy to consider writing a sponsored post. Please note, blog readers will be made aware in advance that such posts are sponsored and all relevant links to your own websites and relevant profiles will be included.


At present, I charge a minimum of £50-£100 per article or sponsored post. This takes into consideration the time taken to research, formulate, write and proofread a piece, and includes social media promotion as discussed above. I do not charge for reviews where a product and/or service has been provided in advance. The cost of ambassadorship, advertising and social media promotion will be determined by further discussion.

If you would like to hear more about any of the above services or discuss ideas, please get in touch below:


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