Guest Posts

This blog has been a work in progress for many years: starting out as a simple journal and later, morphing into a more diverse outlet featuring opinion articles, reviews and much more. One thing that has remained constant, however, is its growth. Though it beggars belief, more people than ever before are tuning in and reading – largely spurred on by a growing audience on social media, particularly on Twitter and LinkedIN.

As things grow further and I begin to put more time into blogging, I wanted to place growing emphasis on featuring guest blogs. Not only to keep my site up to date and interesting, but to promote the fantastic work of others who do not necessarily have the time to maintain an outlet of their own. In this regard, I am currently looking for guest bloggers and welcome submissions in myriad forms. Ideas for which can be sent to me at:

Presently, I welcome both one-off guest posts and regular columns in the following fields:

  • Opinion articles and informative pieces – controversial is fine but I will stress that the views of the author are not endorsed through publication.
  • Book reviews and book promotions
  • Seasonal Recipes and anything to do with foraging (this would make a great column)
  • News and press releases from external organisations/NGOs.
  • Photographic submissions – I am keen to start a weekly photography feature
  • Research summaries

Previous examples of guest posts on Common By Nature include: