Though it beggars belief, more people than ever before are tuning in and reading Common By Nature – largely spurred on by a growing audience on social media (particularly Twitter). While nature remains very much niche, and environmental bloggers will never achieve the traffic afforded to their mainstream peers, I can proudly state that tens of thousands of people tune into this blog each year – no small feat given the content.

As things grow further and I begin to put more time into blogging, I wanted to place growing emphasis on featuring guest blogs. Not only to keep my site up to date and interesting, but to promote the fantastic work of others who do not necessarily have the time to maintain an outlet of their own. In this regard, I am currently looking for guest bloggers and welcome submissions in myriad forms. Ideas for which can be sent to me at or pitched via the contact me section of this website.

Currently, I welcome both factual and opinion articles relevant to the following fields:

  • Conservation and Conservation Conflicts
  • Environmental Politics
  • Youth Engagement
  • Farming and Land-use
  • Foraging and Wildfoods
  • Travel
  • Birdwatching
  • Ecology and species identification
  • Creative Nature Writing
  • Photography

Submission guidelines

  • Send your pitch to
  • Articles must be a minimum of 500 words, in keeping with the theme of this site
  • Provide links to source material
  • Provide links to any related social media/website profiles
  • Provide at least one high-res photo for use as a header image
  • Provide completed articles as a word document with separate images
  • Please provide a brief paragraph about yourself to serve as an author bio

Recent Guest Blog Posts




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