Nurturing New Nature

Before Christmas, while mulling over the idea of starting a youth nature magazine, I did not expect such to ever become reality. Three months back, I would not have dared dream that my idea would ever take shape or that, with the help of a team of gifted young writers, we could produce something others … Continue reading Nurturing New Nature

New Nature: the launch.

Today witnessed the launch of New Nature Magazine, the new e-magazine written, edited and produced entirely by young people. And what a launch it was. When I clicked the metaphorical launch button this morning, I did not envisage New Nature going down half as well as it did, in truth. I had hoped that people would enjoy it, … Continue reading New Nature: the launch.

New Nature: thank you all!

A few months ago, toying with the idea of starting up an online magazine written and produced entirely by young people, I had hoped a few people may rally to the notion. I had hoped that some may be interested in reading such a document and others, particularly a few notable figures in the environmental … Continue reading New Nature: thank you all!

Introducing ‘New Nature’ Magazine

For quite some time now, environmentalists have lambasted the perceived lack of interest that young people possess for the nature: branding us lazy, disinterested, and often rather detached from the wonders that lie in the outside world. This could not be further from the truth, though, in the eyes of many, the view of ignorant, … Continue reading Introducing ‘New Nature’ Magazine

The Logic Behind ‘New Nature’

Anyone who follows me on social media may have noticed the incessant waffling about a new "project" of mine. Well, said project is now coming along nicely and, as such, I thought I would post a quick summary here. Both to drum up support and assess the reaction of the many lovely eco-minded folk I … Continue reading The Logic Behind ‘New Nature’