It’s time to ban balloon releases

A new petition has been launched calling on the government to outlaw the release of ecologically damaging balloons and sky lanterns. The unnecessary practice of releasing both items is widespread in Britain, despite the fact that both cause harm to the environment. Causing death when ingested by both terrestrial and marine species, littering the countryside … Continue reading It’s time to ban balloon releases

Putting nature back into the Peak District

Wading birds gathered in record numbers at Dove Stone in the Peak District this breeding season, all thanks to an ambitious ongoing bog restoration programme implemented by United Utilities and the RSPB. Over the summer, RSPB staff and volunteer surveyors recorded 49 pairs of dunlins at the Saddleworth site, up a quarter from the 39 … Continue reading Putting nature back into the Peak District

A sneak peek at an outstanding new book

If, like me, you are an avid consumer of natural history based literature, you will surely love the below extract from Peter Reason's new book, In Search of Grace - An ecological pilgrimage. The book is the story of an ecological pilgrimage undertaken by the author in his small yacht, Coral, from the south of England and … Continue reading A sneak peek at an outstanding new book

Tree of the Year 2017: Cast Your Vote

A sapling pulled from the mud of Passchendaele, a tree which has inspired the scouting movement, and a yew which bleeds are some of the 28 nominations shortlisted for the Woodland Trust’s Tree of the Year contest 2017. Now in its fourth year, tens of thousands of people have already taken part in the conservation charity’s competition … Continue reading Tree of the Year 2017: Cast Your Vote

Half-Penny: aliens and interlopers

There are many words used to describe species which, through human intervention, have found themselves existing far outside of their historic, natural range. Terms such as invasives, aliens, invasive aliens and nonindigenous species are quite familiar; while a glance at social media often reveals myriad more unflattering phrases: pest, nuisance, menace, vermin - I particularly loathe … Continue reading Half-Penny: aliens and interlopers