Winter’s Gibbet

Winter's Gibbet, a decrepit relic of a bygone age when the public display of corpses was deemed acceptable, is a rather eerie place to visit. The structure, standing on the site of an ancient boundary stone, marking the spot where, following his execution for the 1791 murder of Margaret Crozier, the body of William Winter was … Continue reading Winter’s Gibbet

Meandering through the Northumbrian Spring

The weather of late has been typically fluid; the last week alone finding me battered by gale force winds, soaked by Spring rains and, occasionally, warmed to the core by pleasant bouts of sunshine. The conditions so changeable, in fact, that I have aborted many more walks than I have enjoyed; though, mercifully, the select … Continue reading Meandering through the Northumbrian Spring


There has been an intermediate feel in the air of late; as Winter begins to release its frigid grip on the landscape and the welcome rejuvenation of Spring begins. Birdsong, amorous amphibians, butterflies and bursting buds marking the start of the new season while loitering relics of Winter remain very much apparent. It has all been … Continue reading Metamorphosis

Snatching some wild respite

The last few weeks have been manic; jam-packed with university assignments and other, more menial, tasks. All of which, combined, have greatly impacted upon my ability to get outside and enjoy the sort of things I usually do at this time of year. It has all been rather frustrating in truth, and may well have … Continue reading Snatching some wild respite

Gull cull? No thanks

The last few days have seen an infuriating surge in the rhetoric of those calling for the control of Britain's gulls; as campaigners clamour for the lethal action, red-faced MP's bluster and the national press embarks on yet another misinformed wildlife witch-hunt. It has all been rather depressing, at least for those, like me, rather fond of … Continue reading Gull cull? No thanks

Now that is why I go birding

Yesterday found me bound for North Yorkshire, for the second time in less than a week. The intended target of this particular jaunt; the rather eye-catching male Pine Bunting that has been thrilling (and frustrating) spectators for quite some time on the outskirts of Dunnington. A bird which, after an uncomfortable four-hour stay, we laid … Continue reading Now that is why I go birding