Winter’s Gibbet

Winter's Gibbet, a decrepit relic of a bygone age when the public display of corpses was deemed acceptable, is a rather eerie place to visit. The structure, standing on the site of an ancient boundary stone, marking the spot where, following his execution for the 1791 murder of Margaret Crozier, the body of William Winter was … Continue reading Winter’s Gibbet

Writing for Northumberland Wildlife Trust

For the select few readers of this blog who also follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I recently volunteered my services as a would-be nature writer to Northumberland Wildlife Trust. With the organisation, following a couple of very friendly and supportive meetings, gladly accepting my offer. For the foreseeable future, I … Continue reading Writing for Northumberland Wildlife Trust

Nurturing New Nature

Before Christmas, while mulling over the idea of starting a youth nature magazine, I did not expect such to ever become reality. Three months back, I would not have dared dream that my idea would ever take shape or that, with the help of a team of gifted young writers, we could produce something others … Continue reading Nurturing New Nature

The Waiting Game

Sometimes it is nice to just sit still; to abandon the urge to chase nature and allow wildlife to come to you. To wait; a moss-clad boulder, park bench, bank or fallen branch the ideal perch from which to watch the natural world go by, and from which to admire the myriad secretive creatures set … Continue reading The Waiting Game

Beauty amid the breakers

The jaded sun shone, the air felt warm, spring-like even, and a Robin uttered its charactaristic, spritely song from the rusted pinnacle of a nearby fence. It did not feel much like Winter this morning, despite the month. The only tell-tale signs of the season coming in the surf; where the white-horses of the North Sea … Continue reading Beauty amid the breakers

Writing: Life Lessons From 2016

Writing, tweeting and generally posting anything into the public domain is a sure fire way to stress yourself out, though it is thoroughly rewarding. 2016 has been a wonderful year in truth: it has helped refine my career ambitions, seen a number of gains on my part and provided me with a number of fantastic opportunities to … Continue reading Writing: Life Lessons From 2016