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The North-West Rare Plant Initiative, a guest blog by Joshua Styles

The concept of island biogeography was first laid out by MacArther & Wilson (1967) in a book entitled ‘The Theory of Island Biogeography’. The concept was relatively simple in its key principles; that ‘islands’ that are small are capable of supporting fewer species than larger ‘islands’, and that the further away these ‘islands’ are from

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The health benefits of a life in nature, a guest post by Holly Genevieve

Being outside in nature is something that everybody should make time for, especially as we are becoming such a digitally driven society. It’s interesting because it’s not until you spend time outdoors (whether it’s a walk by a river, a day in the countryside or a woodland hike), that you feel the incredible effects of

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Butterflies: Poetry in Nature – Guest post by Jonathan Bradley

There is poetry everywhere in the natural world, but for me nowhere more so than in butterflies. What is poetic about butterflies? Poetry is a heightened form of writing that plays on our emotions and imagination. Poems use imagery, beautiful or expressive words, rhythms, rhymes and sounds that encourage us to see the world a

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