Gull cull? No thanks

The last few days have seen an infuriating surge in the rhetoric of those calling for the control of Britain's gulls; as campaigners clamour for the lethal action, red-faced MP's bluster and the national press embarks on yet another misinformed wildlife witch-hunt. It has all been rather depressing, at least for those, like me, rather fond of … Continue reading Gull cull? No thanks

Young Naturalists on Unpaid Conservation Internships

My views on unpaid, long-term conservation internships undulate substantially. On one hand, and from firsthand experience, I know the benefits such placements bring; in terms of the acquisition of skills, networking opportunities, personal development and, of course, contribution to the great work of our NGOs. I also, however, and again from my own experience, see … Continue reading Young Naturalists on Unpaid Conservation Internships

40km for Curlew Conservation

The haunting call of the Curlew is one of the most iconic, and enjoyable, sounds in nature. Especially in Britain: where rippling trill of our largest wading bird evokes images of heather clad, misty moorlands and windswept coastal estuaries. It is a sound that ensnares many, myself included; though one that, sadly, is heard less often these … Continue reading 40km for Curlew Conservation

Chronic Wasting Disease: A Major Threat To Europe’s Deer?

2016, unfortunately, saw the first verified cases of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) outside of its native range in North America, identified back in March in  Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. Proceeded by confirmed cases of infection in wild Moose around Selbu, located 300km North of the first case. With the Norwegian Veterinary Institute confirming a fourth case … Continue reading Chronic Wasting Disease: A Major Threat To Europe’s Deer?