Birding Northumberland Absent Wheels: January

The year start on a characteristically chipper note; my annual 1st of January foray with Sacha kicking off the year list with a decent 84 species. Though not before a dawn wander around my local patch – the Blyth Estuary – saw the usual commodities, Robins and what not, added in droves. Back with Sacha … Continue reading Birding Northumberland Absent Wheels: January

Now that is why I go birding

Yesterday found me bound for North Yorkshire, for the second time in less than a week. The intended target of this particular jaunt; the rather eye-catching male Pine Bunting that has been thrilling (and frustrating) spectators for quite some time on the outskirts of Dunnington. A bird which, after an uncomfortable four-hour stay, we laid … Continue reading Now that is why I go birding

Here, there and everywhere in between

A busy week in the birding stakes with numerous trips around dear old Northumberland - as I attempt to stay true to my county year list promises - and a few jaunts further afield. This week's haul of avian goodies taking my "Northumberland 2017" list up to a respectable (I think), 136 species for January … Continue reading Here, there and everywhere in between

Another week in Northumberland

This week has been a jolly good one; one jam-packed with exquisite encounters, cold fingers, early mornings and, of course, some brilliant birds. Each day taking me somewhere new in the local area as I attempt to get the year list off to a decent start and reacquaint myself with the local wilds from which I … Continue reading Another week in Northumberland

Northumberland ‘Winter Bird Race’ 2017

Saturday was a rather good day in truth - marking only my second attempt at the Northumberland winter bird race following a kind invite from Jack Bucknall. The day went well: Jack, myself, Dan and Michael racing about from dawn to dusk, between popular birding sites and seldom-visited locations, as we attempted to lay eyes on enough … Continue reading Northumberland ‘Winter Bird Race’ 2017