The Woeful Decline of the Willow Tit

Living in Northumberland, the charismatic Willow Tit (Poecile montanus) is still, thankfully, a firm fixture of my daily life. Indeed, at present I am lucky enough to regularly host a pair of these enchanting little birds in my garden, a privilege that people dwelling in the south of the country would no doubt kill for.Continue reading “The Woeful Decline of the Willow Tit”

Urban Birding in Benidorm

So contrary to expectations, I managed to survive a week in Benidorm! Such places, jam packed with people, loud music and twenty-four hour nightclubs are not usually¬†my first choice of holiday destinations, mainly because they often lack wildlife. This week found me pleasantly surprised however and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Spain. Sadly IContinue reading “Urban Birding in Benidorm”