About Common by Nature

Unlike many blogs, this website has no set purpose or mission: it was not set up strictly to campaign or complain, nor with a focus on any particular strand of writing. Instead, it was established broadly as an outlet for my experiences in, and thoughts of, nature. It was intended to be a hotchpotch of topics, styles and themes; covering everything and anything that springs to mind whilst observing nature in the field, or perusing the internet.

That said, if I had to name one reason that I spend so much time curating and contributing to this site, it would be this: to encourage engagement with, and build enthusiasm for, nature. Whether this manifests in visitors getting ‘out and about’ to discover new places and enjoy new spectacles or reading further into a topic which has piqued their interest, I am happy so long as nature remains top of the agenda. I want people to think, talk and write about the natural world.

To this end, what can you expect on Common By Nature? Well, nature writing, first and foremost: observations of the natural world, trip reports, accounts of walks and wild experiences, as well as spotlight articles on the species and sites around me, here in the North East. There will also be environmental news – bits and bobs I find interesting that may [or may not] interest you too –  alongside, of course, the odd factual piece and guest blog. All of which goes without mention of the occasional opinion piece thrown in for good measure – it really is rather easy to get yourself riled up over conservation.

To summarise, this blog stands as many things: my personal notebook, journal and noticeboard, and a platform for expression in myriad forms. It will not be everyone’s cup of tea and doubtless many people will disagree with, or see little point in, what I write here. That’s okay, we can’t agree all of the time and life would be boring if we all held the same interests.

For those who do enjoy this blog, however, I have written more about what blogging means to me here, and here. Browse, consider, agree, disagree, and should you feel so inclined, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, ideas, thoughts or feedback. All are welcome.