Could you contribute to the North East Bee Hunt?

The Natural History Society of Northumbria (NHSN) has launched a new citizen science scheme aiming to map the distribution of five distinctive yet under-recorded bee species across North East England.

The five species at the heart of the North East Bee Hunt are common and widespread in other parts of Britain, yet there are noticeable gaps in our knowledge when it comes to their populations in the North East.

For the purposes of the study, set to be summarised in NHSN’s longstanding Northumbrian Naturalist journal, the species people should look out for are Red-tailed Bumblebee, Tree Bumblebee, Tawny Mining Bee, Ashy Mining Bee and Red Mason Bee. To help people identify these species, NHSN has produced a straightforward identification guide – available on their website.

Submitting your records to the North East Bee Hunt could not be more simple. All you need to do is log the relevant data (species, location, your name) on a specially created iRecord portal. A downloadable form is also available for those who prefer hard copy.

Whether you live in Northumberland, Durham or Teeside, the bee hunt provides a great way to contribute to our collective understanding of pollinators from the comfort of your own garden, even while social distancing. It would be wonderful if readers of this blog in the North East got involved!

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