Top blogs on nature, wildlife and the environment

For some odd reason, the previous blogs I have published highlighting other great environmental bloggers [here, here and here] have been some of the most popular on this site to date.

For this reason, I thought I would put together an even bigger list flagging up the best nature, wildlife and environment blogs on the internet. Sites I read regularly which should be of interest to you too, whether your interests lie in hard-hitting opinion, nature writing or elsewhere, in campaigning or photography…

I will be updating this list constantly as I discover new resources, websites and sources of information.

1 – Dr. James Borrell

A ‘must read’ for lovers of research and fieldwork and a treasure trove of information for aspiring conservationists.

2 – Mark Avery

The UK’s ‘premier’ nature blog featuring opinion on some of the most pressing conservation issues of our day.

3 –  A New Nature Blog

Eloquent and informed opinion on some of the most divisive environmental issues in Britain today, including rewilding, land management and legislation.

4 – Kate on Conservation

A unique blog with a focus on animal welfare and related conservation issues, both at home and abroad.

5 – Robert E Fuller

One of the few art-themed blogs I read, stunning works and some lovely writing too – well worth a gander.

6 – New Nature Magazine

Okay, I might be a little bias, but what would be better than myriad young people expressing their love of nature through writing, photography and art?

7 – Raptor Persecution Scotland

A blog focused entirely on bringing to light the rampant persecution of birds of prey in the UK.

8 – Isle of May

A blog detailing daily life on a remote Scottish island, jampacked with seabirds, seals and other marvels.

9 – Incidental Naturalist

A lovely account of the joy one can derive from the natural world, featuring excellent photography and built on wonderful, highly personal posts.

10 – Cabinet of Curiosities

A cracking natural history blog from the North of England, diverse and enjoyable.

11 – A Year of Nature Hunting

The first entry by a young blogger on this list and a real corker. This is an account of Zach’s personal experiences in nature and is often simultaneously thought-provoking and uplifting.

If you enjoyed this post, please consider casting a vote for James in the 2019 ‘Wildlife Blogger of the Year’ competition. You can read his entry, and cast a vote for number 13, here >>

12 – Wild Voices Project

The stories of the people saving nature. A podcast featuring many inspiration stories courtesy of myriad dedicated and, in some cases, well-known conservationists.

13 –  Irelands Wildlife

A nature blog featuring an eclectic mix of content from the realms of birding, conservation and wildlife-watching, from Ireland and further afield.

14 – Young Fermanagh Naturalist

The personal blog of Dara McAnulty – personal, often poetic and definitely worth a read, should you find yourself with a spare moment.

15 –  Knee Deep in Nature

The blog of a 15-year-old naturalist with a broad focus on photography, observation and art.

16 – Nature Nattering

Wildlife observations and fine nature writing from across the UK but with a specific focus on one small corner of the British Isles.

17 – Wildlife Articles

The thoughts and views of myriad environmentalists, conservationists and nature writers brought together in one place.

18 – Valley Naturalist

A natural history journal from Gwent, promoting exploration, observation, citizen science and, ultimately, enjoyment from nature.

19 – A Focus on Nature

The official blog of the youth nature network, bringing together the thoughts, work and writing of the next generation of British conservationists.

20 – Cholsey Wildlife

Another local patch diary, this time from Cholsey in Oxfordshire. Personal observations of the natural world, plain and simple.

21 – Wildlife Kate

A wildlife diary from a small swath of Staffordshire, featuring no end of marvellous wildlife photography, film and writing.

22 – Wader Tales

A site designed and maintained with one, clear purpose: to celebrate and promote wading birds.

23 – Finding Nature

A veritable smorgasbord of wildlife facts and interesting articles, from the UK and beyond.

24 – Appleton Wildlife Diary

A wildlife diary authored by an incredible young naturalist, boasting a specific focus on badgers – what more could you want?

25 – Wildlife Detective

Another blog with a focus on wildlife crime and one jampacked with experience-based opinion on some of the most pressing environmental issues in Britain today.

Also worth a gander…

26 – Peter Cooper Wildlife

27 – Elliot’s Birding Diaries 

28 – Carl Bovis Nature Photography

29 – St. Helens Birds and Wildlife

30 – Colyton Wildlife

31 – Diaries of a Cheshire Wildlife Watcher

32 – Forest of Bowland Wildlife Blogs

33 – Birdgirl

34 – Call from the Wild

35 –  Wildlife Phelps

36 – Thinking Country

37 – Wildlife and Words

38 – My Life Outside

39 – Natural History Bloggers

40 – Hannah Rudd

And breath! The fantastic wildlife, nature and environment blogs featured above should be enough to keep you reading for hours.

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  1. Ben Eagle says:

    Brilliant list James – there is so much excellent work out there. You couldn’t exactly add it but I’d like to suggest one more as number 41: a little site that goes by the name of!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for including me


  3. Miles King says:

    thanks very much James. I’m glad you enjoy reading the blog.


  4. Hiya – Just found your blog, I’m enjoying reading something I haven’t read before! followed x


  5. Hi James!
    Thank you for including my blog in this great list.
    An honour to be in such quality company! 🙂


  6. Satwiky says:

    Hi very good article.
    Thanks for sharing keep up the good work.


  7. Anthony Alison says:

    I’m making my time more productive by reading all these wildlife blogs, thank you! By the way, if you’re also active in conserving animal life and their habitat, check out PETAL wildlife conservation through education and creativity while touring. They support wildlife protection through the products you buy from them.


  8. digitaltucr says:

    Trees or very important in saving the nature, Saving the green will saves our earth from demolition from pollution.


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