THE clothing company for conservationists

In our day of countless online stores and independent sellers, it takes a lot for an organisation to set itself apart from the pack. Thus I do like it when a business breaks the mould and does something a little different – something I feel fledgeling clothing company, Big Wild Thought, have achieved to perfection.

For those who haven’t yet heard of Big Wild Thought (BWT from here on out), they are a new, Sheffield based retailer which, while producing some rather lovely clothing designs – from sweaters to make-up bags – aim to directly bolster wildlife conservation efforts. They do this by donating at least 10% of the profits from each and every sale to a relevant wildlife conservation charity. With examples including Butterfly Conservation and The Sloth Conservation Foundation.

Better still, BWT also aims to educate customers regarding the species at the heart of their designs. Something achieved well on social media, but also on the rather nifty information cards supplied with each purchase. Just take a look at the one shown below featuring the delightful (yet declining) Small Tortoiseshell butterfly…


Should things take off, BWT have already stated their intention to expand the range of conservation bodies they support and offer a greater percentage of profits to the preservation of various threatened species. A noble cause indeed and one I would love readers of this blog to support. You can find out more about BWT here, should you feel so inclined.

Of course, donating to conservation whilst you shop is all well and good, but what about the clothes themselves? Well, having received my very own Small Tortoiseshell t-shirt yesterday, I can state that they are rather lovely. Eye-catching and comfortable. If butterflies aren’t your thing (quite how that can be the case, I am unsure) then you can peruse designs featuring Orca, sloths and bumblebees – surely one of these must tickle your fancy?

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