July Highlights

For those interested, here is a short round-up of the most popular blog posts shared to this website in July…

  1. Let’s talk about the Tyne Kittiwakes

My own personal take on the unfortunate deaths of a number of Kittiwakes (a globally threatened, predominately oceanic and entirely harmless species) caused by entrapment in bird deterrent netting erected on Newcastle’s Quayside.

2. Chris Packham’s UK Bioblitz comes to Newcastle

A brief summary of Chris Packham’s #WeWantWildlife bioblitz at Havannah and Three Hills Nature Reserve. Featuring smiling faces of all ages and some rather cool finds. Rare Stag’s Horn Clubmoss included.

3. Hairstreaks in the morning sun

Traversing the dappled woodland of Gosforth Park Nature Reserve earlier today, I had only one thing in mind: hairstreaks. Purple hairstreaks, to be precise, Neozephyrus quercus, a remarkable, handsome butterfly that spends the majority of its time high in the canopy.

4. An Exciting Announcement…

I am thrilled to announce that yesterday, I received confirmation have I have been elected to the Publications Committee of the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland – having been invited to join the group in a most generous offer earlier this year.

5. Compassionate Conservation or admirable ignorance?

My take on the “killing to conserve” debate and the emerging focus on ‘compassionate conservation. Is it really compassionate to ‘save’ one animal at the expense of a species?

6. A Paradise of Parches Grasses

Walking at Weetslade Country Park, the rolling grasslands of the former colliery site appeared almost Mediterranean. Parched grasses, sapped by what seems like an eternity of vigorous sunlight, appearing yellowed, dry and lifeless. The vista laid out before me more like a sight from the South of Spain, or Portugal than one from usually tepid, often grey Northumberland.



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