An exciting annoucement…

I am thrilled to announce that yesterday, I received confirmation have I have been elected to the Publications Committee of the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland – having been invited to join the group in a most generous offer earlier this year. Truth be told, I am thrilled, and very much grateful to the passionate folk at BSBI for considering me. It really does boost spirits to know that people are appreciative of the voluntary work I have put in over the years in an effort to better myself as a communicator, writer and editor. And I hope that this experience can now be put to good use.

I will be heading down to attend my first ‘pubs’ meeting in October and very much look forward to getting ‘stuck in’ and hopefully being able to contribute something to the workings of the committee. My interest in botany is growing by the day at present and I relish the opportunity to learn more from the assorted experts in attendance while building my knowledge in written communications.

Between this, my new role with the fabulous Natural History Society of Northumbria, the current revamp of New Nature Magazine and various projects elsewhere, 2018 is shaping up to be a jolly good year…


  1. Well done, James. Never doubt yourself, stick with what you’re good at, and you said, “And I hope that this experience can now be put to good use.” Has it not already? I think you’re becoming a pretty damn good role model for nature conservation communications.

    All the best.


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