A welcome change of pace

It will not have escaped your attention that I have been rather lapse in my blogging efforts of late; though on this occasion, this is for an entirely positive reason. Indeed, as of writing this post, I am currently enjoying my third week in a new job: as a communications officer for the Natural History Society of Northumbria. Yes, it seems that countless hours of blogging, writing, pitching, editing, tweeting and talking have finally paid off…

For the next 17 months, I will be working with NHSN on their print materials – including the fabulous ‘Northumbrian Naturalist’ journal – social media, website, multimedia and promotions. My new role brought to life via Heritage Lottery Funding of the Society’s ‘Towards 2029 Resilient Heritage Project’ which aims to strengthen and grow the organisation as it heads towards its 200th birthday. Said job combines all the elements of the field I have come to love, not least the focus on enthusing and educating others with regards to the natural world, and it is safe to say that I am very happy. And pleased to say that everyone I have encountered so far have been most welcoming.

Having visited the Great North Museum: Hancock since I was a child and being very much in awe of the myriad inspirational naturalists to come out of the North East – Hickling, Blackburn, Alder and both Hancocks, to name but a few – it is safe to say that I am still feeling a little giddy at my appointment. And very much look forward to doing my bit, so to speak, and hopefully helping the society achieve its aims over the coming months.

If so inclined, you can follow NHSN on Twitter and Facebook, and check out this short blog about my Towards 2029 role.

In other news, in addition to New Nature Magazine winning its category at the UK Blog Awards 2018, it turns out that this blog also featured in the proceedings. With Common By Nature earning the ‘highly commended’ (second place) spot in the individual green and eco category. Hooray! And thank you to everyone who reads and shares my posts here, I certainly could not have done it without you.

Another development currently afoot – a TV appearance – cannot be discussed yet, but I will be sure to update accordingly nearer the time. Let’s just say I am very excited!

So yes, it has been a good few weeks…


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