300 posts! Now, help me decide the future direction of this blog

This post, the one you are reading right now, marks a significant milestone for this blog: representing the 300th post published to Common By Nature since I started writing (waffling, more like) back in 2015.

300 blog posts may not seem like a significant output when compared to other, more noteworthy online columnists; though given the lengthy nature of many of my published pieces, it is significant enough to me. A testament to a great deal of time and effort spent writing, researching, sourcing images and guest blogs and, just occasionally, staring blankly at a screen hoping for inspiration to spring forth.

Much has changed on this website since I first started blogging: my writing skills have developed, I have learnt (almost) to get a point across clearly and absent unnecessary antagonism and I have (kinda) learnt what kind of content those reading this site enjoy. It has not all been plain sailing and – rightfully, in some cases – I have received my fair share of flack for some content; though by large, I have enjoyed every minute of managing what is fast becoming quite a popular little blog. Now for the purpose of this post…

To mark this milestone, I am asking my readers [you] to help me decide on the future direction of Common By Nature. What kind of content would you like to see published? Is it nature writing and traditional-styled trip reports, opinion articles or factual posts centred on British wildlife? Do you favour guest blogs or conservation news? The choice is yours.

I would be thrilled if you would take a moment to take part in the below poll to let me know your thoughts.

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