Red-billed Quelea at dawn – Sabrina Salome

“Dawn with a flock of red-billed quelea, the most abundant bird in the world. These guys flock in huge numbers throughout Kruger National Park, feeding mainly on grass seeds. For several years the quelea were not as numerous as they have been in the past, primarily due to a major drought which seriously impacted the park’s grasses. But the Kruger has recently begun recovering and they’ve already made an impressive comeback. Though beautiful to see, they’re not universally loved, and outside of protected areas are considered pests by farmers whose crops can be devastated by a single flock. At dusk, you can expect to see them floating through the sky in long, undulating clouds as they search en masse for an evening meal.”

Sabrina Salome is an amateur wildlife photographer with a passion for things with big teeth. She is dedicated to the field of conservation and in her spare time incorporates her love of wildlife into her creative expression, using writing, illustration, and photography to share with the world how she sees them. She holds a B.S. in Zoology from Michigan State University. You can find more of her work on Instagram @sabrina_salomee and contact her at for photo or order inquiries.

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