Cheetah – Sabrina Salome

“Cheetah are without question the world’s most specialized cat. No other land animal on Earth has a build or accelerating power like it. Though females prefer solitary lives (when not with cubs), males stick with their brothers into adulthood or group up with other solo males to form coalitions. The three in this photo have not quite left their mother yet, but are just about ready to (or rather, she is just about ready for them to – here, the boys did their best to stay close to Mom, while she did her best to escape them and nap undisturbed). They can be skittish and hard to find – their estimated numbers in the nearly 20,000 square kilometre Kruger National Park hover somewhere just above 100 cats – but these three were relaxed and preoccupied with each other, hardly seeming to notice that they had an audience.”

Sabrina Salome is an amateur wildlife photographer with a passion for things with big teeth. She is dedicated to the field of conservation and in her spare time incorporates her love of wildlife into her creative expression, using writing, illustration, and photography to share with the world how she sees them. She holds a B.S. in Zoology from Michigan State University. You can find more of her work on Instagram @sabrina_salomee and contact her at for photo or order inquiries


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