Lilac-breasted Roller – Sabrina Salome

“Meet what might be Kruger National Park’s most photogenic bird: The Lilac-breasted Roller. These birds are more than just a pretty face and bright colors. If caught in the right mood, they can be just as fascinating as Kruger Park’s larger and more noticeable creatures; wolfing down grasshoppers the size of their heads, wrestling tarantula hawk wasps, and showing off the “rolling” in-flight courtship display that they are named for. This shot was taken at a watering hole near Lower Sabie Camp, where a pair of rollers were gracious enough to share lunch with us, diving in and out of the grass to stir up insects”

Sabrina Salome is an amateur wildlife photographer with a passion for things with big teeth. She is dedicated to the field of conservation and in her spare time incorporates her love of wildlife into her creative expression, using writing, illustration, and photography to share with the world how she sees them. She holds a B.S. in Zoology from Michigan State University. You can find more of her work on Instagram @sabrina_salomee and contact her at for photo or order inquiries