UK Blog Awards 2018: I Need Your Help!

Common By Nature, the blog you are reading right now, will be six years old come January. Sure, it has changed somewhat over the years – content, design and format shifting in line with my own experience and interests – but its core theme remains the same. It remains a place for me to share my interest in the natural world: a place where I can vent, muse and ponder with regards to the topics which interest me, personally. Long may it thrive, or at the very least, persevere.

Anyways, a few weeks back, I announced that I had been nominated in the Green and Eco category of the UK Blog Awards. A development which came as somewhat of a surprise to me but something which now, a short time later, I have decided to embrace. This is why, with the public vote opening today, I would love you to cast a vote for Common By Nature! At least, that is, if you enjoy my virtual, ecological ramblings and can spare a few moments of your time to vote.

Please can you vote for this blog by following this link. Once there, select the ‘click here’ option at the top of my contender page – after that, it is just a case of stating your name and email address. But please be sure to select the correct category (Green and Eco) from the drop-down.

It would mean a great deal to me to make it past the public vote and reach the final eight in my category, not least because it would show that blogging about such a niche topics does, in fact, pay off.




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