Due to a lack of time of late and a number of off days, I am currently looking for guest bloggers to keep Common By Nature bursting with interesting content. Some ideas for regular columns and one-off articles can be seen below; while I can offer guest bloggers a platform with a combined reach (social media and direct subscribers) of over 15,000 people – all of whom I am sure would love to hear what you have to say.

Presently, I welcome both one-off guest posts and regular columns in the following fields:

  • Opinion articles and informative pieces – controversial is fine but I will stress that the views of the author are not endorsed through publication.
  • Book reviews and book promotions
  • Seasonal Recipes and anything to do with foraging (this would make a great column)
  • News and press releases from external organisations/NGOs.
  • Photographic submissions – I am keen to start a weekly photography feature
  • Research summaries

Previous examples of guest posts on Common By Nature include:

Written by James Common

Naturalist and nature writer from North-East England, forever learning. Common By Nature is maintained as an outlet for opinion and personal musings associated with the natural world, and as a journal detailing my exploits in the great outdoors. Enjoy!

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