Shaping up nicely

Life often has a habit of throwing up opportunity just as things begin to look somewhat bleak. Take the past few weeks for example: the majority of my time spent working a mundane bar job and checking, daily and without much luck, myriad career sites in hope that just one may be featuring an opportunity worth applying for. Such is the life of a recent graduate I suppose; though I do have a habit of worrying during quieter spells.

Anyways, fast forward a few days and a number things have happened that have reminded me that I am still very much on track. Firstly, there was an invitation to speak at the renowned Communicate conference held in Bristol and hosted annually by the Bristol Natural History consortium. The subject matter of my talk here remains undecided, as of yet at least; though given the nature of the event, it looks set to focus on youth engagement in the environmental field. I really am honoured.

Next came a unexpected email from the UK Blog Awards stating that my blog, the blog you are reading now, has been nominated for inclusion in the Green and Eco category. Thank you to whoever it was who took the time to nominate, I really do appreciate it. Once nominations close in November, the complete list of entries for each category will be put to a public vote in order to decide the final shortlist. Doubtless I will post more at the time and I very much hope that regular readers of this site will spare the time to cast a vote in my favour. On a side note, New Nature magazine has also been nominated in two categories!

Finally, two more bouts of good news today. The first (and most exciting) being that I have kindly been invited to attend the annual British Trust for Ornithology conference held in Derbyshire this December. The result of our fundraising efforts for the BTO Curlew Appeal earlier in the year. Elsewhere, whilst at work today and upon mentioning my fondness for natural history, I have been invited to give a paid talk on local wildlife at a gathering next year. It’s great to know that people outside of my immediate field are interested in what I have to say.

Oh, I also have a feature piece on small mammals coming out in the next issue of Roebuck – the regional magazine of Northumberland Wildlife Trust. I mention this in case anyone local may be interested in reading such.

Thing are shaping up nicely…

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