This week, I was kindly awarded the honour of Blogger of the Week by BBC Wildlife Magazine for my recent piece regarding my local patch: the Half-Penny Wood. This is the second time I have been lucky enough to be featured by the publication – the last being back in 2015 – and I really am very grateful.

Patch reporting has always been a passion of me, as both a dedicated amateur naturalist and an aspiring writer. It is a great way to relive the joys of seasons past, to keep track of your wildlife sightings and, all in all, to extoll the virtues of your favoured haunts to like-minded individuals. I will certainly be writing a lot more on the subject over the coming weeks; though if you wish to do the same, why not sign-up as a BBC Local Patch Reporter too?





Written by James Common

Naturalist and nature writer from North-East England, forever learning. Common By Nature is maintained as an outlet for opinion and personal musings associated with the natural world, and as a journal detailing my exploits in the great outdoors. Enjoy!

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