The Nightlife of Rothesay Terrace

Armed with a new moth trap kindly supplied by NHBS, I really do feel like a kid in a candy store at the moment. Every third morning – trapping is undertaken days apart so not to impact upon the moth lifecycle – filled with a sense of jubilant anticipation, paramount to that felt at Christmas, as a boy, as I bound down the garden to examine the contents of my safari trap. The hours proceeding the initial opening spent scrutinising, recording and, occasionally, consulting Twitter for help in the identification process. Seriously, check out MothIDUK, they’re great.

Now, due to the unruly area in which I live and the less than convenient layout of my garden, I cannot leave my trap unguarded at night. This means that trapping sessions last only as long as I can stay awake – usually until about 1am. Doubtless, this has an impact on the volume of moths caught and thus, the number of species tallied; though, to date, these shortened sessions have produced more than enough to keep me entertained (and busy). Indeed, after only two weeks, my garden list stands at 61 species – a number which would undoubtedly be higher was I able to accurately identify the many small, dull micro moths that find their way into the trap each night.

Anyways, included among the number mentioned above are a few new species for me; with Sallow Kitten, Straw Underwing, Sandy Carpet, Dusky Brocade and Single-dotted Wave all providing some lepidopteran lifers. With these, a number of time-honored favourites – Large Emerald, Swallowtail Moth, Beautiful Golden Y, Bordered White and Ruby Tiger springing to mind instantly- and many more intriguing nocturnal critters. With honourable mentions going to Ghost Moth, Buff Arches, Large Ivy Tortrix, July Highflyer and Gothic. Below you will find some images of a few recent highlights…


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