Trees and the Environment: an interesting infographic

Trees & The Environment: Why Life Depends On Them

Many of us will, of course, know that trees are vitally important to our welfare, but do we know just how important they are? A single tree can keep a family of 4 breathing for 1 year and this really is an incredible statistic. This infographic from Capital Garden Services takes you through all the amazing stuff they do for us.

It isn’t only the supply of oxygen where trees are on hand to help us out, but research has even shown that people with a view of trees spend 8% fewer days in the hospital. Is it possible that trees can actually heal us?

Trees also have other important roles such as cleaning the soil (they actually absorb many dangerous chemicals and pollutants entering the soil). Find out more great information about trees in the infographic!

– Eamon Fennelly .


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James Common

Naturalist and nature writer from North-East England, forever learning. Common By Nature is maintained as an outlet for opinion and personal musings associated with the natural world, and as a journal detailing my exploits in the great outdoors. Enjoy!

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