Shortlisted, Oh my.

When the news reached me, about a month ago now, that I had been nominated by an unknown individual for the prestigious Living North awards, I was delighted. And incredibly grateful. I initially expected the whole thing to amount to little more than a short-lived buzz, pleased to be recognised but not really expecting much. Well, all that changed last week, when I received word that the team behind the awards ceremony had shortlisted me. Little wildlife-waffling me!

The Living North awards themselves were set up as a celebration of all that is good about North-East England. Rejoicing in everything from our great hotels and restaurants to the people and groups that contribute to the region on a more fundamental level. Through hard work, charity and much, much more. I have been shortlisted for the “promise and potential” category alongside seven other fantastic young people and I think it is safe to say that I am ecstatic. Win or not – which I suspect I will not – I really am honoured that some people feel I am doing a good job at promoting our region, and contributing in a positive manner to my field. I would, of course, love to win, but if not, I am more than content with the shortlisting. These are, after all, some rather impressive awards and I look forward to including my mention on my CV in the future. It certainly has gone a long way to giving me a much-needed boost in self-confidence and motivation. Onwards!