Photography: My Favourite “Lucky Captures”

Wildlife photography is, unfortunately, not one of my strengths – it never has been, and due to my reluctance to purchase anything more substantial than my current camera, likely never will be. Photography, for me, is more about capturing a moment – to aid with writing and reminiscing at a later date – as opposed to a professional endeavour. Indeed, the vast majority of the pictures I take are barely discernable, nevermind fit for publication. Though, having finally relocated my hard drive and set about scrutinising some photos from years gone by, I have come to the conclusion that some are actually rather nice. And, thought I would put together a quick post highlighting some of my favourite lucky captures…

Red Deer – Invermark, Angus (2015)


Red Grouse – Invermark, Angus (2015)


Grey Seal – Farne Islands (2014)


Adder – Invermark, Angus (2015)


Field Vole – I Forget Where (2015)


Whooper Swan – Martin Mere (2014)


Pintail – Martin Mere (2014)


Garden Tiger – St. Abbs (2014)


Puffin – Farne Islands (2013)


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