Monday Reading List

I love reading the blogs of other naturalists and do so near daily. Both as a means of gaining knowledge and inspiration, and as a way to revel in the experiences of others. Something made possible through the sheer talent and dedication of many online nature writers. I assume that most of the people browsing my humble little site feel very the same and as such, have decided to start a new series of weekly posts. My “

If you are reading this post, and thus browsing my humble little site, I must assume that many of you feel same. And as such, have decided to start a new series of weekly posts. My “Monday reading list” made up of some of my favourite blog posts uncovered during my online forays over the last week. Some are informative, some topical and others simply, fun. All however, are interesting and though they may not necessarily have been published during the same week, nor written to exacting standard of a best selling novella, are all worth a read.

  1. Melissa HarrisonOn Sides, and the choosing of them – Melissa knocks the ball out of park yet again as she shares her personal thoughts on being told to “choose a side” in the increasingly polarised grouse shooting debate.
  2. Rachel Bates: Brexit and the Environment – An Ecologists’ View. Fellow Wildlife Articles author, Rachel Bates shares her personal thoughts on #Brexit and its potential implications for the environment.
  3. Appleton Wild: RSPB Big Wild Sleepout. Fantastic patch reporter Alex shares his experience of a night under the stars, in the company of some great wildlife. Complete with some lovely Hedgehog footage.
  4. Connel Bradwll: Penguins in the Desert. Another informative video from the throughly charming (and extremely enthusiastic) Connel. This time looking some of the biggest lies and half truths associated with the animal kingdom.
  5. Georgia Locock: More Time At Spurn. By nature, I had include a birding related post somewhere in here. And as such, have chosen this typically well-written, topical account of developments at one of Britain’s finest nature reserves, Spurn.


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