So, I’m going to be a student again!

Woke up this morning to some jolly good news – an unconditional offer from Newcastle University. It now looks like, come September, that I will be studying for an MSc in Wildlife Management. Something that I feel fits really well with my interest in human/wildlife conflict, predator/prey dynamics and, of course, the constant conflict of interests between field sports and conservation. Who knows, maybe in a years time I might have the credentials to talk about such issues with a little more authority. Doubt it but still, I’m going to be a student again!

The course itself sounds amazing – lots of emphasis on surveying, field skills, data handling and GIS, ultimately contributing to a better understanding of how legislation is decided and enforced. The stats and GIS side of things will no doubt be an uphill battle, it has, after all, been two years since I last attempted to do anything remotely numerical! Some serious revision is certainly in order! Anyhow, like any degree it ultimately builds up to a dissertation and I am already brainstorming topics for mine (ambitious I know), providing I have fallen into a statistics related stupor come 2017 I would very much like to carry it out on something worthwhile. Perhaps Mountain Hares? Or Badgers and Hedgehogs.. We will see!

For now I’m off to be excited, still a while before it begins so plenty time to swat up and convince myself that I can do such things! Just thought I’d inform the blog – it is, after all, a rather big step towards having a niche in the future! :o)


  1. James, I’d say you already have the credentials, you already have the knowledge, yet you will gain further know-how from here on in. Well done that man!


    1. Thanks Tony! Can’t hurt to be more qualified! Also gives me time to work more on my writing and to get some much needed public experience – the one thing I lack when it comes to previous interviews for the Farne Islands etc.

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