A rather good blog by A Johnson regarding the stereotypes associated with birding. Have to agree that there seems to be a consensus that most keen birders are in fact older gentlemen, usually with odd social habits and dressed head to toe in khaki. Even young birders are often thought of as somewhat weird! This seems to be changing, though not fast enough for my liking. Organisations such as Next Generation Birders are going a long way to breaking the stereotype however so I live in hope.

Nature Nattering

For a long time the image of a birdwatcher or naturalist has been stereotyped as an older gentleman, who wears one of those green waistcoats with an abundance of pockets (who really has that much stuff to put in all those pockets anyway?), jumping out of bushes in an artistic fashion and chasing after the latest rarity. And what about the women? Television programs have portrayed birdwatchers as rather ‘out there’ people with strange habits, especially depicted this way in murder mysteries for some reason.

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