NWCU Under Threat: Sign the Petition

At present, the government have not yet renewed funding for the National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU), the crack team of professionals that help enforce the legislation that keeps our wildlife safe from harm. Strengthening the laws that protect wildlife is all well and good, but without the ability to enforce those laws it is likely many crimes will go solved. In my opinion, allowing the NWCU to fall into obscurity gives free reign for criminals to do as they please and would be nothing short of a catastrophe for biodiversity in the UK. Hare coursing, badger baiting, illegal snares, deer poaching, raptor persecution, all look set to go unpunished if the government does not safeguard the future of this vitally important unit. As such, I would ask that all of those reading this sign the following petition and add their voices to those seeking to protect our fauna from future harm. It will only take a minute.