More Bodger Bothering

Birding with Gus

First up, I’d like to draw your attention to a guest blog I did on James’ blog about my inspirations that got me to where I am now! Have a read through his other posts too as they are all good reads, some more information heavy than others!

After thinking I’d finished my report, and finding I hadn’t, and re-doing it, then having to re-do it again… and one more time for good measure, I finally managed to get outdoors. Unfortunately it was already past three o’clock so I was either going to be out late or I was going to be out for a short amount of time.

Turned out to be the former as you can’t really let me outdoors and expect me to be back within 3 hours.

A few wee things were seen before leaving campus…

And once off campus I headed towards Elrick Hill, where…

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