Calling all Bloggers..

So I’ve been playing with this idea for a while now and have decided to go ahead with a new series of guest blogs, providing of course people are interested! I am very keen to learn just what it is that makes conservationists/naturalists tick, so to speak, and would love to hear just what it is that ‘motivates and inspires’ people to undertake a career in the environmental sector. Was it a wondrous wild encounter? Perhaps a poignant conservation issue? Or maybe, just maybe a moving piece of writing?

If anyone is interested in contributing to this please drop me a message, anything goes, no word limit or restrictions. Would love to hear from people employed within the sector but pieces from “spare-time naturalists” are equally welcome. Equally, if you do not wish to talk about your motivations but want to guest blog nonetheless I am open to suggestions. Thank you.

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